FALAR was founded with an aim to provide innovative software solutions that employ augmented reality (AR) technology. We develop high quality AR content together with mobile AR applications.

We use AR to create added value by enabling real-time interaction between physical and virtual world, giving brands a new way to reach their audience, enhancing engagement and in turn driving sales.

We build our solutions based on leading development environment and utilising professional development tools provided by the world-biggest software companies.

We want to support our clients in end-to-end AR implementations, from project scoping to providing required software solutions together with stunning AR content.

Why AR?

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Augmented Reality is a breakthrough technology that allows displaying virtual 3D objects in the real world seen by the user. Digital content fits into the user's reality thus improving the user's experience and ensuring natural, similar to the real world, form of interaction.

AR technology is rapidly growing, taking advantage of the capabilities of modern smartphones which makes it possible to provide AR experiences to a wide group of smartphone users.

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While AR is currently maturing on smartphones, the next stage of the development can bring popularization of smartglasses, which will over time replace traditional screens.

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We believe that AR technology has started another wave of technological revolutions and that it will become a new communication interface between human and digital world in the upcoming years.

At FALAR we can already take advantage of the unique features of AR technology and build innovative, valuable and effective business solutions.


AR Manuals

Complete solution offered by FALAR that replaces conventional 2D paper instructions with the new generation 3D instructions displayed in the user's environment.

  • Application works with iOS (ARKit) and Android (ARCore) devices
  • 3D instructions created by our team based on real objects, CAD files or modelled from scratch
  • Branding should be adjusted to client's requirements
  • Content is also suitable for future AR smartglasses

AR Configurator

Applications created by FALAR to enable users item configuration before purchase and its visualization in real space.

  • Configuration and visualization of 3D objects take place at the same time, allowing users to fit of the object in terms of size and appearance in the real space
  • Possibility of item configuration in terms of size, composition, number of elements, color, texture
  • Possibility of free movement and rotation of the configured object in real space
  • Displayed 3D models are obtained by scanning real items or by converting CAD files

Persistent/ localized AR

Creative arrangement of space with virtual objects located in given real environment.

  • Virtual models can replace real objects or change the real surroundings viewed live
  • A great way to interactively present planned appearance of a given place before the start of modernization or decorative works
  • It is possible to prepare several different virtual arrangements for one real place
  • Precise placement of 3D models in real surroundings with the help of space scanning techniques

AR visualisations

Solutions for displaying three-dimensional virtual models on mobile devices in the user's environment.

  • Possibility to present given object in its full size and shape to the user

  • Use of ARKit (Apple) and ARCore (Google) technologies to "understand" the user's environment

  • Possibility to use markers (e.g. specific pictures) to precisely insert 3D visualization

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(compatible smartphone required):

3D capture and modelling

3D modeling of real objects with use of photogrammetry and scanning techniques.

  • Careful reflection of objects of different size with detail quality aligned to future application
  • Optimization / retopology of models for lightweight adaptations on AR devices
  • Texturing models with actual or modified textures
  • Preparing finished 3D models for showcasing in the Internet

AR consulting and support

Providing professional support in AR analyses and implementations:

  • Assessment of the company's potential for implementation of AR solutions
  • Defining and assessing requirements for AR solutions
  • Preparing organization for proof of concept / pilot
  • Support in planning and implementation of AR roll-out



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